Rain, tears, and a bottle of SIP ☁⚡☔

The weather is gray in the metro again.

For those who have someone to snuggle with, rain is an element that traps them in the arms of another.

For the heartbroken, a chance to mimic the streaks that they find outside their windows.

For the workforce, the worry of the downpour and the commute home.

It's in this weather that SIP Purified Water decides to silently slide into the aisles of perfectly arranged groceries.
Its crafted see-through bottles range in size depending on the wanted level of hydration within.

A local brand focused on keeping everyone healthy and in peace, they wish to keep the poetry of looking outside windows alive by just being the water you need: simple, clean, and refreshing.

SIP is already in all SM supermarkets in Luzon. By July 5, it'll soon be available in 7-Eleven Luzon as well.

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