How to enable pop-ups on Facebook

Partas, Jac Liner, and CODA Lines all offer their online reservations directly at their Facebook tabs. To ensure that you finalize and choose your payment option, we recommend enabling pop-ups in these easy steps:

1. Finish the flow of booking process and click 'Pay now.'

Facebook Pop-Up Instructions - Online Bus Booking
For step-by-step instructions on how to book, click here.

The Facebook tab will redirect you to the payment options. Check the upper right-hand corner of your search/link bar. Your browser might be preventing this by blocking our payment pop-up. You have to allow this to proceed.

2. Click 'Always allow pop-ups from Facebook' or just click on the prompted link to proceed.

Allow FB Pop-Up Instructions - Online Bus Booking

We recommend always allowing pop-ups so you don't have to keep doing this step when you book, but just clicking the link will work too.

Ta-da! You can now choose your payment options!

Online Bus Reservations Philippines - Step 7

You can also book directly at Biyaheroes. It's the same fun and easy experience on Facebook or at our website!